Horror Game Inmates Puts Us Behind Bars With New Launch Trailer

Escape from the prison and your fears while trying to stay alive as a bonus.

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This fall is slowly turning out to be the season of promising horror games. I already reviewed something from that repertoire recently and now we have another spooky release around the corner. Inmates is a new unsettling experience, courtesy of Iceberg Interactive.

You wake up from a nightmare into an equally scary reality – a prison. All that you can remember is that your name is Jonathan and you have no idea how you got there. You are scared and confused but also determined to find your way out as soon as you can. Who knows, maybe even find some answers along the way.

We’re expected to interact with the environment and tackle many puzzles along our journey, as well as enjoy the creepy & claustrophobic setting (from a safe corner, of course).  Although the trailer doesn’t reveal much, I can see a lot of imagery similar to Silent Hill and that’s the point where I’m already interested. The game will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 which that leaves us with plenty of opportunities for gorgeous screenshots.

Inmates will release for PC on October 5 so make sure to play it with a light switch nearby.

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