Ubisoft Bringing FPS Atomega to Steam on Sept. 19

Atomega developed by the team behind Grow Home and Grow Up

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Ubisoft Reflections, the developers are the team behind Grow Home and Grow Up, has thrown back the curtains on their new FPS Atomega. The game will be launching on Steam next week on September 19th. Atomega will support up to eight players in fast-paced ten minute rounds.

Atomega is a novel FPS set in the dying moments of the universe. The laws of physics and reality are quickly disappearing. In these crazy last moments, Exoforms are roaming the universe looking to grow. These post-biological life forms are the combination of humankind, machines, and years upon years of evolution. At the beginning of each match, Exoforms start off as small Atoms and must gather mass by collecting fallen pieces around the arena or destroying other Exoforms. By collecting mass, players will be able to progress through seven phases of Exoform evolution. Ten hacks that grant temporary boosts to the Exoform’s ability are available to give players the edge in battle. The player who has collected the most mass at the end of the round is crowned the winner.

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