The Guild 3 Launches on Steam Early Access

The Guild 3 expected to be in early access for at least the next 4-6 months

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THQ Nordic has released The Guild 3 early access preview on Steam and GOG. The game is the latest chapter in the long running medieval life simulatorThe Guild 3 lets players establish their own family dynasty that will work their way up from being humble peasants to powerful merchants who command power and respect from the society around them. Players will be able to join organizations like the Freemasons and The Alchemist Guild to secure their family’s future. While not yet supported in the current early access build, the game will eventually feature multiplayer modes.

Currently, the early access build is mostly feature complete. THQ Nordic expects the game to be in early access for at least the next 4-6 months as they stomp out bugs, do some final balancing, add more content, and introduce the remaining features on their to do list. The early access build is currently available for $29.99 USD, with the price expected to rise once the game leaves early access.


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