Raiders of the Broken Planet Open Beta Running September 15-16

Open beta to run on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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MercurySteam announced an open beta for their upcoming third person shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet. The open beta will consist of two missions and will run from September 15 to 16 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. “First Round” is the single player only tutorial mission. Players will control Harec, the leader of the raiders, in this mission. “Hanging by a Thread” is a single player and multiplayer mission where players will sneak aboard an airship to recruit the warrior Lycus Dion for their cause.

Raiders of a Broken Planet is a 4 VS 1 asymmetrical shooter that pits four players against a protagonist who leads an army of AI enemies. The human raiders arrive on the Broken Planet by accident. They now seek to control the Aleph energy source for power and a way back to Earth. While the humans battle over Aleph, Harec rises to unite the indigenous people of the Broken Planet and boot out the war hungry humans.

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