Record Setting VAC Ban Wave Hits Steam

40,000 accounts banned in a day, crushing previous record single day record

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SteamDB noticed a strange and massive uptick in VAC bans yesterday. Valve issued a stunning 40,398 VAC bans. The ban wave crushes the previous single day record of 14,640 bans when the Team Fortress 2 hack LMAOBox Premium was detected and consequently banhammered on April 30, 2016.

VAC bans are issued for all games protected by Valve’s anti-cheat software. It is unknown at this time if the massive ban wave is linked to a specific game or hack. Game developers tend to be tight lipped about the details of bans, as concerns that too many details may allow hack tool developers to figure out how the hack was detected and create new work arounds. We may learn more in coming days as banned hackers begin reporting their bans online and start piecing together the common threads.

For those who relish in karma, the ban wave comes right after the end of the Steam Summer Sale, meaning those newly banned hackers looking to start up new accounts to return to their PC games will have to pay full price.

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