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Guns, Rockets and Fast-Paced Vehicular Action Highlight Completely Retooled Windows PC Classic with New Features, Content and Steam Workshop Support 

Magdeburg, Germany (July 12, 2017) – Publisher 2tainment and developer Moonbyte Games today announced Crashday: Redline Edition, a newly remastered edition of the classic arcade racer Crashday (Atari, 2006) for Windows PC. With an improved multiplayer mode, a wide variety of action-packed game modes, plus new modding functions and an integrated track editor, fans of blazing chain guns, blasting rockets and action-packed over-the-top racing can celebrate a true indie thrill ride this August!

Originally released in 2006, Crashday garnered a die-hard fan base that remains loyal to this day. Thanks to their invaluable feedback and support, indie developer Moonbyte Games lovingly crafted the remastered Crashday: Redline Edition. With the help of the game’s fan community, Moonbyte Games significantly expanded modding support and multiplayer options in the updated version of the highly explosive arcade racer. Featuring refreshed visuals, Crashday: Redline Edition also enhances original features and adds compelling new ones.

Crashday: Redline Edition delivers gripping single and multiplayer races, really heating things up on the track. Unlike mundane racing games, Crashday: Redline Edition does more than just challenge the player’s driving abilities. Ramming your opponents into a careening slide or “persuading” them off the track at gunpoint are perfectly acceptable ways to win. With a mood-setting progressive metal soundtrack, an arsenal of steel-shredding weapons, all-new power-ups, a sophisticated damage system and impressive replays that highlight the most spectacular action, Crashday: Redline Edition guarantees adrenaline-loaded fun!

Crashday: Redline Edition’s seven modes of play deliver steep variety. While in classic Race Mode, it’s all about being first to dash over the finish line; in Stunt Show Mode, players can demonstrate their skills with ridiculous stunts and breathtaking jumps and crashes. In the thrilling Wrecking Match, anything goes — ramming opponents, rockets, etc. Whoever manages to be the last driver still “standing” on the track can rejoice in a win.

For more carnage, Crashday: Redline Edition players can enjoy the extremely popular modes Hold The Flag, Pass The Bomb and Bomb Run. In Hold The Flag, the “flag bearer” must pass through as many checkpoints as possible and collect points before his or her adversaries run them down. Use skillful driving to ram your bomb-strapped vehicle down your opponent’s throat before the timer runs out in Pass The Bomb. In Bomb Run, the bomb explodes automatically as soon as you fall below a predetermined speed limit. And, of course, Crashday: Redline Edition wouldn’t be complete without a Test Drive Mode, where the player can preview a track and hone their skills in perfect peace, preparing for upcoming races, breathtaking stunts and action-packed street battles on the numerous racetracks.

Crashday: Redline Edition features sophisticated modding support to expand the capabilities of the existing in-game track editor. With full Steam Workshop integration, players are not limited to their own custom created tracks. Sharing and downloading player-made content is easy and includes new or modified vehicles, custom tracks or track editor building blocks. Publisher 2tainment and developer Moonbyte Games anticipate that well over 100 mods will be available within the first few weeks of Crashday: Redline Edition’s release!

Crashday: Redline Edition will be available for digital download from Steam for $11.99 USD. For more information, please visit http://crashday.2tainment.com.

Crashday: Redline Edition on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/508980/Crashday_Redline_Edition

A full press kit with screenshots, trailer and logos is available here: http://uberstrategist.link/Crashday-PressKit

If you would like to speak with 2tainment or Moonbyte Games, or register your interest in a preview, please contact Mario R. Kroll or CJ Melendez at pr@uberstrategist.com.

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