Massive Hellion Update to Add Tutorials, Ship Customization, Security Systems

Update also introduces a wide range of optimizations and improvements

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Indie developers Zero Gravity released a preview of the upcoming Update 0.2 for their space survival game Hellion. The update is scheduled to launch on June 22 and is adding female playable characters, new weapons, ship and station customization options, world events, and the first tutorial to help players get their space legs. In addition, the developers are overhauling the loot distribution system to split areas into military, industrial, and civilian zones that will affect the type of loot salvaged in the area. The survival, flight, and navigation systems are also being worked on based on player feedback.

Zero Gravity has released a video introducing players to the game and highlighting the upcoming changes in a new four minute video. The trailer is an excellent demonstration of the game’s Newtonian physics both in and outside space stations.

Hellion is available now on Steam Early Access.

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