Mafia III Stones Unturned DLC Launched

New DLC pis Lincoln and John Donovan against Connor Aldridge

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The next Mafia III DLC has been released. “Stones Unturned” features a new mini-campaign that will see Lincoln following John Donovan from New Bordeaux to a jungle island holding the nuclear warhead in a downed aircraft. Rival Connor Aldridge is leading his mercenary army for the hunt for the weapon, and it is now a race to the finish to see who can secure the nuke.

“Stones Unturned” also introduces new equipment to the game. Players can hop into the back of a truck to fire its massive mounted turret or knock out an enemy turret with an RPG or grenade launcher. A new character named Robert Marshall can provide Lincoln with bounty hunting missions or snipe pesky enemies entrenched in a hard to reach place. Finally, the DLC introduces a variety of new costumes and car that are inspired by the story mission.

“Stones Unturned” is part of the Mafia III Season Pass or can be purchased on its own for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

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