Drifting Lands Launches out of Steam Early Access

Drifting Lands mixes action RPG mechanics with classical shoot 'em up gameplay

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Alkemi’s shoot ’em up/action RPG hybrid Drifting Lands is out of Steam Early Access. The game features a full story mode where the player joins a band of freedom fighters looking to break out of the cycle of war where corporations endlessly battle for resources. Each mission is randomly generated, save for the competitive missions where players battle for the leaderboard. Ships are entirely customizable, and the loot system provides plenty of options for a variety of play styles. For example, traditional shoot ’em up fans may prefer a highly agile ship that encourages precise movement to avoid enemy fire.

Drifting Lands is designed to focus more on the loot system than pure shoot ’em up skill levels. The game has 100 levels of difficulty to ensure the game is accessible to all. The game is currently available on Steam for  $19.99 USD. As part of the launch celebrations, the game is 20% off until June 19.

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