Battlestate Games Announces Partnership with Wartech for Escape from Tarkov

Russian tactical gear manufacturer Wartech will see their products featured as items in-game

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Battlestate Games announced their next partnership with real life manufacturers of military equipment for the upcoming open world FPS Escape from Tarkov. Russian tactical gear manufacturer Wartech will have their range of pouches, vests, plate carriers, and packs available as in-game items. Previously, Battlestate Games announced their partnership with legendary firearms manufacturer Kalashnikov to record audio for the game.

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore military FPS that drops players in the quarantined city of Tarkov as private military contractors from one of two companies inspired by the US and Russian militaries. As scavengers pick through the streets, chaos is the only law that rules as resources needed for survival dwindle. The game features realistic weapon handling with a highly customizable weapon mod system and a skill system that improves or degrades depending on player use. The game is currently in closed alpha testing.

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