Rezrog to Launch on Steam on May 31st

New survival guide announced along with release date.

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Soaphog and Kasedo Games (The Metronomicon) announced that their upcoming rogue-lite turn based RPG Rezrog will be released for Linux, Mac, Windows. The game puts a new spin on the rogue-lite genre by giving players a party of heroes. Party members enter the dungeon alone and are captured by the enemy if they fall; however, another party member can rescue the captured members and any loot recovered. While the game is completely over if the entire party is captured, as gems awarding stat points will carry over to the next game.

Rezrog features a board game art style and procedurally generated dungeons. There are over 100 dungeons across 10 worlds to explore. Rezrog will cost $9.99 USD and will be available on Steam.

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