Mars Survival Game ROKH is Out Now on Steam Early Access

Pave the way for future colonists on Mars

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Indie devs Darewise Entertainment and Nvizzio Creations announced that their cooperative Mars survival game ROKH is out now on Steam Early Access. The game is currently in Alpha phase, with plenty of content still on the horizon. The game currently features an expansive crafting system, resource harvesting, and a large open world to explore. The devs expect the game to be in Early Access for the next year; where combat, vehicle crafting, in-game programming, and farming will be added to the game along with numerous bug fixes and optimizations.

In ROKH, players take on the role of early explorers sent to Mars to establish a colony for incoming settlers. With the most basic blueprints, players will use the modular crafting system to turn the dusty planet into a thriving colony. For the duration of the Early Access period, ROKH is $24.99 USD on Steam.

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