Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands “Narco Road” Expansion Out on April 18

New content update to also bring weekly challenges to the game

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Ubisoft announced that the first expansion “Narco Road” for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will launch for Season Pass owners on April 18. The expansion will be available for purchase on its own on April 25th. The expansion adds a new story arc, four outfits, nine weapons, and four vehicle types to the game.

“Narco Road” follows the Ghosts as they target three new gangs. Led by El Invisible, these three gangs specialize in smuggling and high speed racing. The Kamikazes Gang is led by Eddie Ercovado, a social media star. Headed by Arturo Rey, the Death Riders are Santa Muerte worshipers and prefer racing on two wheels, instead of four. Finally, the Jinetes Locos are a gang of muscle car racers led by the arrogant Tonio Mateos. To destroy the gangs and get to El Invisible, the Ghosts will have to earn the trust of each leader by participating in a series of high speed races.

Additionally, a major update is coming to all players today for consoles and on the 14th for PC. The update adds weekly challenges that will reward participants with three unique rewards per week. Each season lasts six weeks and will revolve around a different theme. Season one is entitled “The Rise and Fall of Unidad.”

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