New Life is Feudal: MMO Trailer Shows off First 5 Hours of Gameplay

New trailer follows the first few steps of a new player

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Bitbox released a brand new trailer today showing off gameplay footage for their upcoming game Life is Feudal: MMO. The trailer features gameplay footage that will give viewers a good idea about what to expect during their first five hours of gameplay. All players start out at the bottom as a lonely peasant with nothing to their name. They must forage to get enough food to survive and create basic tools. Once they can group up with other players, responsibilities can be spread around the group. With more hands to put in work, players can turn their desolate settlements into lively villages.

Life is Feudal: MMO builds on the medieval survival game Life is Feudal by strengthening the original game’s social functions and adding giant servers that can host thousands of people in a single world. The game is currently in closed beta.


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