Legend of Grimrock Devs Reveal a New IP Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

Obliterate your enemies as a crafty druid in this procedurally generated fantasy RPG

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Indie game developer Ctrl Alt Ninja Ltd., a game studio newly founded by the co-creators of the critically acclaimed Legend of Grimrock games, announced today their first game Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest. Druidstone is a fantasy roleplaying game with a procedurally generated world, tactical turn-based combat and roguelike elements.

In Druidstone, you take the role of a druid who has just been reincarnated. Who are you? How did you die? These questions lead you to an adventure in a vast procedurally generated forest where you can explore ancient haunted ruins, battle evil monsters with spells and swords, and meet interesting friends and foes. Battles are fought on a two-dimensional grid using a tactical, turn-based battle system. The key to surviving in this dangerous world is using your limited resources wisely. You start the game barehanded, only clad in a simple cloak but as you discover the secrets of the Menhir Forest you will get more powerful and learn new abilities and battle tactics. At the heart of Druidstone is a gripping story which is told through the encounters and characters you will meet.

“We’re thrilled that we can finally show the world what we’ve been working on for a while now. We invite people to follow our journey about making the game by visiting the Druidstone dev blog” says Juho Salila, the co-founder of Ctrl Alt Ninja. For inspiration the Ctrl Alt Ninja team has turned to old school games as Petri Häkkinen, the co-founder of the studio explains “Most modern computer RPGs today have dropped the grid and have a semi-realtime battle system, which we think reduces the tactical aspect of combat. Instead, we harken back to golden days of RPGs with grids and turn-based combat.”

The release date of Druidstone has not been set yet. Additional platforms are possible later but right now the team is 100% focused on creating the game for the PC.

To keep in touch with the progress on the game, make sure to follow the devs on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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