Gold Rush! 2 Releasing 28 April 2017

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>Gold Rush! 2 Releasing 28 April 2017

The sequel to Gold Rush!, a true 80’s classic is finally set to launch. Penned from the developers of the original game, Gold Rush! 2 moves the story on 20 years to 1869.

Jerrod Wilson left his home in Brooklyn, New York during the legendary Gold Rush of 1849 to find his brother Jake, who was forced to leave 11 years earlier. After a long adventure, Jake and Jerrod found the richest vein of gold in California’s Mother Lode! 20 years have now past and the brothers are very wealthy. If they were ever to return home, their wealth would guarantee them influence and power.

Word arrives from Brooklyn that all is not good. William Tweed, a petty criminal who Jake and Jerrod know from their childhood, has grown to become the head of a gang of thieves and extortionists. What’s more, he is now in the State Legislature and members of his gang have key positions in authority, including the police. Jake and Jerrod decide to sell their mine and travel home on the newly constructed Transcontinental Railroad. The brothers have evidence that will send Tweed to prison for the rest of his life.

But Tweed has heard they are coming and puts plans in place to stop them from ever returning to Brooklyn. Will the brothers make it back home and if they do, can they stop Tweed’s growing power?

Key Features:

  • Completely new story and quests from the story writers of the original 80’s classic
  • New rendered and animated scenes throughout the game, all in full HD
  • New music throughout
  • Optimized Point & Click control

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