Escape from Tarkov Introduces Scavs in Latest Build

Playable Scavs adds a new way to experience combat

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Russian indie devs Battlestate Games released a new build of their upcoming FPS Escape from Tarkov that introduces the playable Scavs faction. Short for scavengers, this special neutral faction allows up to four players to group up and try to find as much loot as possible before dying. All loot recovered will be transferred to players main characters. The new mode has two benefits. First, it adds some smarter scavenger foes to the world for players to battle in-game. Second, it offers players a chance to experience the game in a more aggressive way as they no longer have to fear losing their inventory.

Escape from Tarkov is set in the fictional city of Tarkov after the UN evacuates and seals the city. The PMCs from USEC and BEAR must battle for survival in a hostile environment littered with blood thirsty scavengers and operators from the opposing company. Escape from Tarkov is scheduled to enter closed beta this summer.

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