Path Finder Update Released for No Man’s Sky

New update introduces graphical improvements, Exocraft land vehicles, and more

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Hello Games has released the latest update for No Man’s Sky. The update is considered to be another foundation type update that is meant to lay the groundwork for more feature heavy content drops in the future. The Path Finder update introduces the ability to own multiple ships, adds new shops/traders, and lets gamers share their bases online. Players will no longer have to walk everywhere; instead, they can hop onto the new Exocraft land exploration vehicles for shorter travel times. The ability to create vehicle race tracks has been added, giving players a space to test their skills with the brand new Exocrafts.

The Path Finder update also introduces some major improvements to the game’s graphics. High resolution textures, improved lighting, and ambient occlusion is being rolled out for all players. PlayStation 4 Pro owners will also get some extra visual goodies as the game now supports HDR and 4K resolutions. Composer 65daysofstatic has also added new tracks to the game, increasing the soundtrack by 50%.

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