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“DYING: Reborn” PlayStation® System Bundle Pricing and PlayStation®Vita Details Disclosed

Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent Chinese publisher, is excited to announce today that it will be present at PAX East, March 10 – 12 in Boston. The company’s first ever consumer event in North America will feature the massively multiplayer strategy game, Tiger Knight: Empire War on Windows PC, DYING: Reborn, a thrilling room escape horror game for PlayStation® systems and Pixel Gear, the colorful 3D pixel shoot-em-up for PlayStation®VR. Oasis Games will be located at Booth #10019.

The company announced additional details on DYING: Reborn including a March 14 launch date for the “PS Vita” system version and a bundle which also includes the PS4™ and PS VR systems. A bundle with all three platforms will be available for $24.99 (a savings of nearly $15) and the titles are available individually on PS VR for $9.99, PS4™ for $19.99 and “PS Vita” system for $14.99.

“We’re thrilled that PAX East is our first public event in North America,” said Alen Wu, Global Business Director for Oasis Games. “Attendees will be able to check out DYING: Reborn for all PlayStation platforms before the bundle is released, compete in 5 v 5 matches for Tiger Knight: Empire War and enjoy the fan-favorite PS VR game Pixel Gear.” 

Tiger Knight: Empire War is an action strategy PVP game that allows players to take control of real-life ancient armies as they clash on some of the most iconic battlefields in history.  The game features meticulously researched battle equipment and weaponry, music from renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy), high-octane action and three different modes of strategic gameplay. Optimized by an Unreal3 engine, as well as the PhysX physical engine and advanced action motion capturing, the developers have spared nothing in their attention to historical accuracy, researching existing ancient artifacts to design each weapon and piece of armor available in the game.

Tiger Knight: Empire War is developed by NetDragon and published by Oasis Games in North America and Europe for PC via Steam. Early access to the game is now available on three servers via Steam. This game is not rated by the ESRB. Keep up to date on all the latest news for Tiger Knight: Empire War including exciting updates from PAX East by following @TigerKnightGame on Instagram and Twitter, as well as @TigerKngiht on Facebook! More information can be found at: http://tk-en.oasgames.com.

DYING: Reborn is a dark, horror-themed puzzle game that creates a unique first-person room escape experience. Players will play as Mathew, a distraught young man on a mission to find his missing sister. After receiving a mysterious note from his sister, Mathew finds himself trapped in a strange and eerie hostel with no recollection of how he landed there. To escape the hostel and solve the mystery, Mathew must solve a variety of creative puzzles while exploring each spooky room in the building for clues. Scattered throughout the environment are items he will collect and use as he works out what has happened to his sister.

Developed by NEKCOM Entertainment and published by Oasis Games for PS VR, PS4™ and “PS Vita” system, DYING: Reborn is now available for PS VR and PS4™ on the PlayStation®Store. The PS4™ and “PS Vita” system versions consist of six chapters of riveting gameplay, while PS VR has three immersive chapters for a shorter but even more intense experience. This game has been rated “M for Mature” by the ESRB.

Pixel Gear is a colorful 3D pixel shoot-em-up on the PlayStation VR that includes six levels chock full with a variety of interactive objects that exhibit entertaining reactions when hit, and a host of cool upgradeable weapons and power-ups that grant the ability to slow down or even stop time. Precision is key as players combat fun baddies such as witches, skeletons, bats, undead knights and ghouls, while unlocking various weapons and upgrades to prepare themselves for the thrilling boss battles that end each level.

Pixel Gear is developed by Geronimo Interactive and is published by Oasis Games in North America, Europe and select countries in Asia for PS VR. Pixel Gear is available for $10.99 on the PlayStation®Store in North America. Keep up to date on pixelated mischief on Facebook, here. This game is rated “E10+ for Everyone 10 and up” by the ESRB.

Stay up to date on all of the PS VR titles from Oasis Games by liking us on Facebook at fb.me/OasisGamesConsole and following on Twitter at OAS_Games and Instagram at @OasisGamesOfficial. Get more information on all Oasis Games titles here: http://en.console.oasgames.com.


About Oasis Games

A leading independent Chinese game company, Oasis Games prides itself on serving as an ambassador for China’s massive gaming community to the West with its strategic business endeavors. Established in 2011, Oasis Games was one of the first publishers in China to deliver online games to overseas markets, currently reaching over 100 million players in 70 countries. The company continues its pioneering presence as the first, and currently sole, strategic publishing partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Shanghai for the overseas publishing market—uniquely positioning Oasis Games to bring high quality Chinese games to PlayStation® players worldwide. Its blockbuster online RPG, Legend Online has attracted over 50 million players in China and Naruto Online, the official RPG browser game of the Naruto franchise has amassed a global following. The award-winning exploration adventure game, KOI, was Oasis Games’ PlayStation®4 console debut for the western market. DYING: Reborn is one of the four exciting PlayStation®VR games in the company’s VR lineup, with additional titles on the horizon for 2017. For more information, visit http://company.oasgames.com/en/.


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