Heavy Metal Machines Releases New Trailers for Two Character Revamps

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Heavy Metal Machines Releases New Trailers for Two Character Revamps  

Enhancements to Leaderboards and New Language Localization Announced

Florianópolis BRAZIL, March 30, 2017 – Hoplon, the developers of Heavy Metal Machines, are pleased to announce that a new update is due to hit the game’s open beta today, bringing with it new vehicle skins, updates to the leaderboard system, and localization support for three new languages.

New Car Designs

Two of Heavy Metal Machine’s most notorious competitors will be receiving a visual revamp in this update through the introduction of new 3D models and paintjobs for their vehicles. The first is the Clunker brothers, the Redneck duo that needs both brains to compete in their tricked out tow truck. The “good ol’ boys” have improved their country engineering to revamp their classic pickup truck is now a tougher and more robust adversary in the arena.

The other recipient of some sweet new ride variations is the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Roll himself, the New Messiah, the Metal Herald. He has a whole new set of vehicle skins to don as he relentlessly runs down infidels while blaring his holy fury through specialized loudspeakers that, as they say, rock. Check out the new trailers for these new car designs here and here.


This update will also see the unveiling of the game’s leaderboard system. Under this new design, players will have stats tracked over four week time periods known as seasons, which will be broken up into shorter phases of a single week. Players will have their performance tracked in three different categories: Damage Per Minute, Repair Per Minute, and Bombs Delivered. Overall scores per time period will be determined through a transparent calculation system described in more detail on the Heavy Metal Machines website. At the end of seasons, Champions will collect their awards and enter the Hall of Fame.

Additional Languages Supported

Heavy Metal Machines is now available in French, German, and Spanish.

About Hoplon

Founded in 2000, Hoplon is comprised of a one-hundred-person team specializing in video game development, publishing and support services with titles like APB: Reloaded to their credit. Already a fan-favorite in their native Brazil, in mid-2017 Hoplon plans to delight North American audiences with their most ambitious title to-date, Heavy Metal Machines. For more information about Hoplon, please visit www.hoplon.com . To learn more about Heavy Metal Machines, please visit www.heavymetalmachines.com or follow us on Facebook at FB.com/HeavyMetalMachinesEN and on Twitter @HMM_Hoplon_EN.

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