Akiba’s Beat Western Release Dates Revealed

Fresh new trailer also released.

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XSEED Games and PQube have announced that they now have a set release date for Akiba’s Beat in North America and Europe with the game arriving on May 16th and May 19th respectively for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. To go along with this announcement they have released a new story trailer as well as some new story details.

With dual audio support offering both the English and Japanese voice track for over 22,000 spoken lines Akiba’s Beat follows the story of Asahi Tachibana, a textbook NEET, living a lazy, cozy life in Akihabara, the infamous Tokyo suburb renowned for its proliferation of anime and video game merchandise, maid cafes, pop idols, and all other forms of counterculture indulgence. To him, every day is Sunday, and every Sunday is a fun day. Little does he know, however, that every day is about to become Sunday for real.

Caught in a temporal loop, where the day restarts as soon as it ends, Asahi is one of only a chosen few whose memories don’t reset with it. He and his merry band of time-displaced losers must now scour Akihabara for signs of “delusions” – people’s innermost fantasies made manifest, changing the cityscape and the behavior of its citizens alike. It is the duty of this ragtag team (whether they like it or not) to infiltrate and destroy these delusions, restoring the natural order of Akiba in the vain hope that this loop may be their last.

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