Sci-fi Adventure Alone With You From Indie Developer Benjamin Rivers Inc. Rockets Onto Steam Today

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Sci-fi Adventure Alone With You From Indie Developer Benjamin Rivers Inc. Rockets Onto Steam Today

Toronto and Seattle – February 9, 2017 – It’s time to define “alive” and forge relationships with artificial intelligence as sci-fi, narrative-driven adventure game Alone With You from Benjamin Rivers Inc., developer of indie horror hit Home, releases on PC and Mac via Steam today for $9.99 USD. At its core Alone With You takes a subtle, mature approach to relationships and couples it with narrative-driven, sci-fi adventure gameplay that varies upon a player’s daily actions and improvised conversations with the holographic simulations of deceased colonists of a remote planet. Available as either a bundle with the game’s soundtrack or as a standalone title, for the next week players can purchase Alone With You for a 15 percent discount.

Released last year on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation Vita to critical praise, Alone With You has players take on the role of the sole survivor of a doomed space colony, trying to discover the fates of more than two-dozen colonists and escape the lonely planet before it implodes. Accompanied by the colony’s troubled AI and holographic simulations of the deceased colonists, players reveal clues, solve puzzles and forge lasting relationships with self-aware artificial intelligence to uncover the secrets of their interwoven lives.

“Our goal with video games is to develop lasting experiences that create relationships between the player and the characters, as well as make people contemplate larger topics such as life,” said Benjamin Rivers, Founder of Benjamin Rivers Inc. “Thanks to strong narrative, Alone With You allows us to give this experience to players and the bonds they forge with the game’s artificial intelligence will challenge them to understand what it means to be alive. Do you need a physical presence or the power to be self-aware?”

Alone With You has players embark on daily missions, where they scan and explore each environment, revealing layers of narrative and driving the progress of the story. At the end of each day, players convene with one of four holographic companions for intimate one-on-one conversations, which can change depending on how thoroughly a player has completed that day’s mission. How the player responds as the holograms confide in them can affect later opportunities to unravel more of the game’s in-depth story, and conversations with the holograms themselves.

For more information regarding Alone With You please visit the game’s website, or the Facebook and Twitter pages. 

About Benjamin Rivers Inc.

Benjamin Rivers develops original, narrative-focused games for consoles, Steam and iOSincluding Home, the indie horror hit that found both critical and commercial success around the world. His games are thought-provoking, accessible, and aim to give players something to talk about long after they finish. BR (Inc.)’s games have been covered by most major games news websites, as well as by magazines and newspapers worldwide. Benjamin also writes and illustrates graphic novels and teaches at OCAD University in Toronto

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