New Sniper Elite 4 101 Trailer Released

Sniper Elite 4 out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 14

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Rebellion (Zombie Army Trilogy) released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming third person shooter Sniper Elite 4. The trailer is designed to introduce players new and old to the game. Sniper Elite 4 boasts the largest maps yet in the series, providing players the opportunity to try out the new vertical traversal system. The ability to climb freely through the levels, players will now be able to create their own sniper nests.

The game introduces environmental traps that can be triggered with a well aimed shot to take out multiple enemies at once. New subsonic ammunition for the sniper rifles is among some of the new equipment being added to the game. The new rounds allow players to trigger aforementioned traps or take down enemies without giving away their position.

Sniper Elite 4 takes the series to Italy. OSS Agent Karl Fairburne has been sent in to assist the Italian resistance fighters in their campaign against the Nazi occupiers. The game launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows on February 14.


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