Musou Stars Character Trailers Introduce Ayane, Arnice, Christophorus, and Tokitsugu

The most recent characters get quick trailers.

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It looks like Koei Tecmo is picking up the pace when it comes to showing off what their characters will look like in action when in Musou Stars. The company had only recentl announced that Ayane, Arnice, Christophorus, and Tokitsugu would be added into the game and now they have released trailers showing each of these fighters off.

For those who haven’t heard of these fighters, Ayane is from Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, and both Arnice and Christophorus are from Nights of Azure while Tokitsugu is from Toukiden 2. You can check out the videos below and as for the game itself, Musou Stars is set to be released on March 30th in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.





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