14 Minutes of New The Surge Gameplay Released

New gameplay footage shows off combat in the Abandoned Laboratories

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Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive has released a brand new 14 minute gameplay trailer of The Surge. The video is packed with developer commentary from Deck13 Game Designer Adam Hetenyi. The trailer is set in the Abandoned Laboratories which once held CREO’s biochemical research & development teams. Now the labs is inhabited by a few remaining employees that have gone absolutely insane with blood-lust.

The video details the game’s combat system that allows players to focus their attacks on specific parts of the body. While limb attacks will not do as much damage, it leaves more equipment that can be salvaged at the end of combat. The Surge’s limited resources forces players to make hard decisions about risking their lives for extra rewards or playing safe to ensure they will survive.

The Surge is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in May 2017.

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