Touhou Genso Wanderer’s Latest Trailer Introduces Your Partners

See your partners in action as they fight alongside Reimu.

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While Reimu might be a skilled combatant, she is far from invincible when it comes to taking on numerous foes. As such Touhou Genso Wanderer offers a decent number of partner characters that can be brought into the roguelike’s dungeons to help her out in combat with their skills and abilities. Players can select between their partners to best fit their style of play and the ones focused on in the video below are Satori Komeiji, Kokoro Hata, Futo Mononobe, Kasen Ibaraki, Rei’sen, and Utsuho Reiuji.

Currently Touhou Genso Wanderer is set to be released by NIS America in North America on March 21st and in Europe on March 24th for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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