This Tuesday from Sentai Filmworks: ‘Infinite Stratos 2’ and ‘Triage X’

Premium edition of 'Infinite Stratos 2' to be released.

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This Tuesday, the 24th of January 24, 2017, will see Sentai Filmworks releasing a premium edition Blu-ray set of Infinite Stratos 2 and Triage X on DVD and Blu-ray. Infinite Stratos 2 was previously released on DVD in North America on December 9, 2014.

The Infinite Stratos 2 Blu-ray features all 12 episodes and the OVA with English audio, Japanese audio and English subtitles. On-disc extras include: the “Infinite Wedding” picture drama, the broadcast version of “One’s Summer Memories” and the textless opening and ending animation. A translation insert and a booklet will be included as physical items. The set is housed in a chipboard box.

The Triage X Complete Collection presents all 10 episodes and the OVA with Japanese audio and English subtitles. The textless opening and ending animation, Japanese promotional videos and an interview with Kenji Akabane (Arashi) and Yui Kondo (Mikoto) are included as on-disc extras.

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