New Rings Promo Pranks TV Store Shoppers

Rings in Australian cinemas on February 23rd

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Paramount Pictures put together a pretty hilarious/terrifying prank to promote the upcoming film Rings. An appliance store was modified to hide an actress dressed up as Samara behind a false TV that was hidden among a wall of TVs. Many unsuspecting customers were distracted by a salesman demoing televisions showing the Rings trailer when Samara crawled out. The video provides plenty of terrified reactions, ranging from a calm, but urgent walk to the exit to full blown screams as the victim sprinted for the exit.

Rings stars Johnny Galecki, Laura Wiggins, Zach Roerig and Aimee Teegarden in the third film in the Ring franchise. The film is set to hit cinemas in Australia on February 23rd.

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