Brut@l Launching On Steam on February 9th

Procedurally generated game inspired by ASCII graphics

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Rising Star Games (Conga Master) and Stormcloud Games announced their rogue-lite dungeon crawler Brut@l will launch on PCs on February 9th. The action game is inspired by old school ASCII graphics, but re-imagined in 3D. There are 26 procedurally generated floors in each dungeon, with the Guardian of the Dungeon awaiting any adventurer skilled enough to survive that long. Players can choose from the Ranger, Mage, Warrior, and Amazon classes, each with their own skill tree and unique abilities. Helping them along their journey are weapon crafting and potion brewing systems.

Brut@l supports two player local co-op. Those looking for a crafted experience can check out the included Dungeon Creator tool, where players can create their very own dungeon and share it with the world. If you can’t wait, Brut@l is available now on PlayStation 4. The Steam page for Brut@l is live, but pre-orders are not available just yet.

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