Musou Stars Adds Darius and Hajime Arima to the Roster

Multiple endings and open scenario gameplay detailed.

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Koei Tecmo has revealed another two characters that will be joining the ever growing roster of Musou Stars characters. Both of the characters are from a series known as Harukanaru Toki no Naka de and they are called Darius and Hajime Arima. Darius is a young man from the Oni Clan that lives deep within the forest of the Imperial Capital and wears a mask to prove that he is a leader and to show his triumphs in genjutsu. In combat Darius will wield a sword cane and make use of spiritual powers to manipulate wood, create tornadoes to deal damage to his enemies, and even fire scatter shots from the tip of his cane.

Hajime Arima is a commanding officer from the Imperial Army’s Vengeful Spirit elimination organization and uses a standard Japanese blade to blow away his enemies with powerful slash attacks that are filled with spiritual energy. Koei Tecmo also detailed how players will be able to experience different endings depending on what key battles they clear. You see, Musou Stars will feature a world map with free scenarios that can be played outside of the key battles and some of these may have special conditions such as befriending certain characters before they are allowed to even try the mission.

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