Revelation Online Showcases the Swordmage Class in New Trailer

Popular spell caster was picked by 19% of players in latest closed beta

PC News Videos MMO RPG (World of Speed) and NetEase released a new trailer today showcasing the Swordmage class in Revelation Online. While the Swordmage wields a falchion, her real skill is providing one of the highest ranged DPS in the game through a variety of elemental magics. Her blade serves as a focus so she can create magical blades to strike down enemies. She can engage enemies at both a range and close up thanks to a variety of crowd control abilities.

The MMORPG Revelation Online is in the midst of running a series of closed beta tests. Founder Packs are available now starting from $17.99 USD that grants instant access to all upcoming beta tests, exclusive costumes, Premium subscriptions and more.

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