No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Released

New update lays the foundation for base building and more

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It’s been a tough few months for No Man’s Sky, some of their own making, some of circumstances beyond their control. Indie developers Hello Games fell silent for three months, which spawned a charity event to raise money for Cancer Research UK run by members of the No Man’s Sky subreddit. Finally, the silence is broken with update 1.1, known as the Foundation Update

The Foundation Update introduces three game modes. Normal mode reflects the experience that No Man’s Sky released at launch. Creative mode is designed to remove dangers, allowing players to focus more on building large bases. Finally Survival mode is set to challenge the most hardened gamers. The basic foundation of base building has been implemented in the game, allowing players to choose a planet and start an outpost where they can farm and research new technologies. A new camp system has also been added to the game so players can establish waypoints, build basic items, and create save points. Freighters are being introduced to help players transport and trade goods.

The full patch notes can be found at the official No Man’s Sky website.


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