Overlord Takedown Update Takes Over Age of Wushu: Dynasty

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Overlord Takedown Update Takes Over Age of Wushu: Dynasty 

A New School, PvP Arena, Guild War Mode and More

Los Angeles – October 25, 2016 – The ancient realm of Jianghu is getting shaken up in the latest update to Snail Games’ Mobile Martial Arts RPG Age of Wushu: Dynasty. The Overlord Takedown Update boasts an all-new martial arts school as well as a variety of exciting new game modes and cross-server battle modes.

Topple An Empire and Become a Martial Arts Legend!

The Overlord Takedown update includes a number of new game features, as well as bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics, including:

  • Rise to power in an all-new school – the Beggar’s Sect.
  • Max level cap increased to 80; Endless Dungeon max floors increased to 100.
  • Prove your strength in the Hua Peak and Forbidden Peak PvP Arenas!
  • Change your school at will with the Betrayal function.
  • New mount mode added.
  • New Oath function added.
  • New Mentor and Apprentice functions added.
  • New Grandmaster Path mode added.
  • Journey down the road to mastery with the new gameplay mode: Grandmaster Path.
  • New gameplay mode: Wulin Myth.
  • Join the fight in brand-new Cross-server Guild War mode.
  • Enter a brand new 3D dungeon, “The Great Desert” and dive into a new Jianghu adventure at the Dragon Gate Inn.
  • Cultivate your power with new ancient manual martial arts and Jianghu martial arts: Sacred Flame and Vertigo Dart.
  • Change up your battlefield style with all-new outfits.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations to existing systems.

To learn more about Age of Wushu Dynasty: Rivalry Update and its new features, please visit our official web page: http://aowd.snail.com/en/

Along with the announcement, Snail has also released a new official trailer showcasing some of the exciting features fans can expect in the new update:



The update is now available as an app store download. Players can download the pack and install it directly to upgrade their existing Age of Wushu Dynasty application.

About Age of Wushu Dynasty

Age of Wushu Dynasty is the mobile follow-up to Snail’s hit PC-based martial arts sandbox MMO Age of Wushu. Set in a period of strife and intrigue during the Ming Dynasty of China, Age of Wushu Dynasty transports players to a world of martial arts and assassins. Combining fast-paced, skill-based action with a unique “class-less” player progression system, Age of Wushu Dynasty establishes an open world multiplayer martial arts adventure for mobile.

About Snail Games

Founded in 2000, Snail Games has been a pioneer in new online gaming experiences for over 15 years. With dozens of titles in over 60 countries, including flagship martial arts MMO Age of Wushu, Taichi Panda, and upcoming open-world sandbox RPG Dark

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