Dragon Ball Super gets Official English Simulcast

Dragon Ball Super finally gets an official English subtitled release.

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How it has taken TOEI so long to reach this decision is beyond me, but the Japanese company has finally announced that Dragon Ball Super will begin airing with English subtitles on three popular anime streaming services.

This means fans all around the world can begin watching Dragon Ball Super, legally and without having to wait for a fan sub version to be released. The simulcast will begin this week with Episode 63 of Dragon Ball Super and will be available to watch just one hour after the episode finishes airing in Japan.


Not only that, but it seems that after Episode 63 is made available the entire Future Trunks Arc beginning with episode 47 will also be made available. If that’s not enough Dragon Ball Super for you, then beginning October 30th, 10 episodes from the beginning of the series will be released each week until eventually the entire series is made available.

Now there are a few different services and fees being utilised here depending on which continent you live on so I’ll break it down. Unfortunately it currently seems there are no plans to bring this initiative to the European or wider Asian market (sorry Antarctica you miss out as well).

Australia and New Zealand – Crunchyroll, Daisuki and AnimeLab both free and paid members. Local streaming time Sunday, 12:00pm EST.

United States and Canada – Crunchyroll and Daisuki for both free and paid members. Local streaming time Saturday, 9:00pm EDT.

Latin America – Crunchyroll for paid members. Local streaming time is Saturday 8:00pm CDT.

South Africa – Crunchyroll for paid members. Local streaming time Sunday 6:00pm SAST.


Dragon Ball Super premiered in Japan on Fuji TV well over a year ago in July of 2015. This news is unrelated to anything happening with the Funimation English dub that is all but officially confirmed to have already begun recording.

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