New Footage from Escape from Tarkov Closed Alpha Released

Closed alpha open to those who pre-ordered the game

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Battlestate Games released some gameplay footage recorded during Escape from Tarkov’s closed alpha. Taken from players representing the American/European themed USEC faction, the trailer features plenty of gunplay, weapon modding, and trading.

The voice work seems a little over the top based on the trailer. Characters seem to have something to say for a large portion of the firefights featured in the video; however, this is a short, edited trailer that may not represent the actual gameplay. I am hoping conversation during firefights will be a little more tactically focused beyond the die, die, die type lines featured in the trailer.

Escape from Tarkov is an FPS survival game with RPG elements set in the sealed city of Tarkov, where two factions of private military contractors are trapped inside and fighting to escape. The game is available for pre-order through the official website and comes with access to the closed alpha.

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