KONAMI delivers unrivalled levels of realism, gameplay and control as PES 2017 looks to extend league dominance

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KONAMI delivers unrivalled levels of realism, gameplay and control as PES 2017 looks to extend league dominance

Sydney, 22nd September 2016 – Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. takes football to a new level today, as its vaunted PES 2017 title is released for PlayStation®4, XboxOne, PlayStation®3, Xbox360 and Steam.

PES 2017 centres on the concept of ‘Control Reality’, as the game ups its levels of intuitive control and its recreation of top-level football. With its ‘Real Touch’ system to ensure players can receive a pass and make space with a variety of movements, all-new ‘Precise Pass’ elements that ensure the user has complete control over the weight and speed of every pass they make, and stunning advances to both the out-field and goal keeping AI, PES 2017 delivers the definitive match day experience in every way.

“KONAMI is extremely proud of what we have achieved with PES 2017,” said Tomotada Tashiro, President of Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “Our close relationship with our fantastic fan base has seen us make a series of improvements that they wanted to see. We have established close relationships with key partners to ensure the realism within the game reaches new heights, and have plans to add a dedicated PES League element to capture the imaginations of our more competitive eSports players later this year. PES 2017 represents a new standard in football games and we are delighted that, from today, football fans all over the world can get to grips with its many intricacies and stunning gameplay.”

The PES series has long been famed for its gameplay, and PES 2017 is designed to be played with and against friends. The intuitive controls and instantaneous response times deliver a game where players will feel the sheer joy of delivering a perfectly-weighted pass, or completing a flowing attacking move with an unstoppable shot to the top corner. The on-pitch detail also boasts an incredible level of tactical options, with players adding on-the-fly instructions to break down stubborn defences or to implement set-pieces in dead-ball situations. Similarly, the game’s proprietary ‘Adaptive AI’ ensures that the game will constantly analyse playing styles and look to counter specific threats using intelligent solutions.

KONAMI’s quest for realism is also showcased by the continuation of the PES series’ ‘Player ID’ and ‘Team ID’ focus. Introduced in PES 2015, the ID system ensures that the many players in the game not only resemble their real-life counterparts, but move, react and enjoy the same abilities as them. Players will be instantly recognisable via distinct running styles, kicking stances, or the way they hold up play or find space, while the Team ID system extends this to ensure that teams are automatically designed to recreate the playing style they are famed for. This level of detail is then extended to the game’s incredible visuals. PES 2017 continues the series’ use of the acclaimed FOX Engine to produce stunning player likenesses within authentically lit and accurately modeled grounds, while the huge amount of animation flows seamlessly to create unrivaled realism.

The publisher has also agreed a series of close relationships with key clubs, granting them access to players and grounds for recreation in the game. Agreements with FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool FC mark the start of a series of long-term partnerships where KONAMI has been granted unique access to the teams, using state-of-the-art 3D scanning techniques to replicate them in the game, and to deliver exact models of the stadiums. In addition to their playing styles, authentic match day atmosphere has also been created with the addition of famed chants and crowd songs before and during matches. PES 2017 also marks the continuation of existing exclusive agreements, and is the only game to feature official modes based on the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

On September 15th, PES 2017 the first update file for the game will also be released. The free download will update all rosters and teams to include all signings made during the most recent transfer window, while the game’s online servers are up and running and ready for the millions of online matches played each year. The game’s online element will also have a more competitive edge in PES 2017, with KONAMI integrating a dedicated PES League option that allows users to join directly into the Official PES League against rival players which will be made available via downloadable data pack later this year.

PES 2017’s popular myClub mode will launch today as well, allowing users to get used to the new gameplay elements in readiness for building their own title-winning squad. myClub has proved exceptionally popular since its introduction, with players using accrued points from in-game achievements or micro-transactions to assemble a team of their own. PES 2017 refines key elements, such as the use of agents within myClub and in-game competitions within the game’s tutorial mode. Players will also be given access to a special agent, four start-up agents that represent key on-pitch positions, and 10,000 GP currency, ahead of the mode’s myClub coin transaction option going live on September 22nd. Also going live on September 22nd, for one week, will be a UCL special agent promotion that will give users a chance to access UEFA Champions League stars from the group stages, as well as 11 players from the UEFA Team of the Year 2015. Users can obtain a UEFA Champions League special agent as an award if they beat teams that play in the group stage, in the PES 2017 VS Com Challenge Cup. Going live on September 29th, users will have the option to purchase two agents, using in game GP or myClub coins, giving players the chance to add an iconic ‘Legend’ players, including legend players from FC Barcelona.

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