Hitman Episode 5 Brings Agent 47 to Colorado

Fifth episode titled "Freedom Fighters" launches September 27.

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Over the course of the first four episodes of Hitman‘s episodic release we’ve visited exotic locations like Paris, Bangkok, and Sapienza but it seems the company is saving the best for last by dropping Agent 47 in the middle of nowhere Colorado. To be fair, Square Enix has detailed that the mission this time around, titled “Freedom Fighters” is going to be the most difficult of the bunch as players must Colorado farm compound that has been converted into a private militia training camp.

This will be an intense infiltration mission to locate and take out four targets with each target having their own specialist skillset ranging from environmental terrorism to chemical interrogation. With the very second players step onto the field placing them into enemy territory this “key episode” will also deliver “huge story revelations” as the series comes to a climax when the episode is released on September 27th.

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