Grand Theft Auto: Bikers Update to Launch October 4th

New update introduces outlaw biker gangs

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Rockstar finally put a date on their next Grand Theft Auto Online update. “Bikers” will launch on October 4th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The new update introduces outlaw biker gangs to the game, putting them in direct competition with each other and the previously introduced criminal corporations. “Bikers” is adding melee combat on bikes, allowing gangs to duke it out while riding down the highway at high speeds. Gang leaders can set up their motorcycle clubs so players can work their way up the ranks from lowly prospect.


Of course, no update is complete without some new vehicles, clothing, and accessories. A new Western Rat bike is being added to the game. Based on the new screenshot, this rust bucket looks like the perfect bike for a brand new gang prospect. Additionally, new clothing and accessories to make motorcycle gang members look utterly bad ass is coming to Grand Theft Auto Online.


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