Endless Space 2 Steam Early Access Launch Dated for October 6th

Endless Space 2 Early Access build to feature four of eight planned factions

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Amplitude Studios has dated their upcoming 4X strategy game’s early access launch. Slightly delayed from their original summer goalEndless Space 2 will come to Steam Early Access on October 6th. The time spent in early access will be part development and part balance. Endless Space 2 will start things off with four of their eight planned factions and will release the final four as development progresses. Amplitude Studios is putting the game on their GAMES2GETHER platform, where gamers can vote on development choices, submit ideas, and participate in contests to help build the game’s lore.

Endless Space 2 is the refinement of Amplitude Studio’s lauded debut title Endless Space. The sequel will put a greater focus on the furthering the series lore, streamlining the game’s experience, and introducing a new battle plan system. No word yet on Endless Space 2‘s launch price on Steam or supported platforms.

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