Swiftpoint Raises over $500,000 for Their Innovative The Z Mouse

The Z mouse set to launch in December 2016

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Swiftpoint’s Kickstarter closed today, raising $514,140 for the company’s newest project, The Z mouse. The mouse is possibly the most innovative mouse designed so far. With an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a force sensor, and tactile feedback technology built into the mouse, The Z sounds more like a console controller or a smartphone than an actual mouse. The Z is designed to work like a regular mouse, but introduces the ability to tilt or pivot the mouse when it is on the mouse pad. When the mouse is lifted into the air, it behaves more like a smartphone, allowing users to control the mouse over a 3D space, which is perfect for flying games.

The Z uses the force sensors in the left and right mouse buttons to detect how hard a user is pressing the button. Different levels of force can be assigned to different functions, such as a light click to scope in, a harder press to zoom in even further, then an even harder press to hold breath. Overall, 50 actions can be programmed into the mouse at once.

A small OLED screen located on the side of the mouse helps gamers configure the mouse without having to alt-tab out of a game. Software for the mouse will be available for Mac and Windows. The Z features ten buttons, including two interesting trigger buttons. The sensor is an optical 12000 DPI sensor from Pixart, and the entire mouse has been designed with ergonomics in mind.

Swiftpoint hopes to begin shipping the mouse for December 2016. Those who have missed the Kickstarter can pre-order directly from Swiftpoint for $229 USD with a $20 deposit.

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