Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Latest Character Trailer Introduces Lily

The strong willed princess Lily Arisugawa introduced in latest video.

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NIS America is continuing with their series of character introduction videos for Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors and this second video focuses on Lily Arisugawa who is one of the “Delinquent” girls that they must guide through the Hell Spire as part of the Reformation Program in an effort to cleanse them of their sins to and allow them to be reborn.

Lily is a pampered, rich princess of a girl. She’s got an attitude that’s constantly at odds with her manners. If she doesn’t like something, she will let you know about it. To get past that exterior, a little Motivation might be in order but just like her hard exterior she also features some of the best defense in the game making her a valuable member of the team.

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