Post-Apocalyptic Digital Boardgame ‘Nyheim’ Hits Indiegogo With Large Square Enix Collective Community Support

Rebuild society with innovative deck and dice gameplay

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Post-Apocalyptic Digital Boardgame ‘Nyheim’ Hits Indiegogo With Large Square Enix Collective Community Support

Rebuild society with innovative deck and dice gameplay

London, UK – July 22 2016: Nyheim™, the post-apocalyptic digital boardgame featuring an innovative deck and dice gameplay system, has launched on Indiegogo®. Having achieved a punchy 80% community approval rating in their Square Enix Collective Feedback pitch, FanART Games™, the Finland-based developer of Nyheim, has set a goal of €30,000 (€27,000, £25,000) to complete the game. Nyheim is being developed for mobile, consoles, PC and VR platforms.

After a deadly rat-borne virus spreads worldwide from London in February 2015, the player, as one of a small number of survivors, must find others, gather food and equipment, and help a growing community survive the harsh post-apocalyptic conditions of fictional Northern European city of Nyheim.

“As they already have with all Square Enix Collective®-supported campaigns, our community has now also voted strongly in favour of a crowdfunding campaign for Nyheim”, said Phil Elliott, creator and project lead for Square Enix Collective. “The gaming community’s commitment to Square Enix Collective has helped us to achieve 11 successful crowdfunding campaigns in a row. Nyheim will make a wonderful 12th addition to the increasingly diverse roster of Collective games”.

About Nyheim

  • A fusion of digital and tabletop worlds involving a card deck and dice gameplay system.
  • Single player game played out across the districts and surrounding area of fictional Northern European city of Nyheim.
  • Players must be strategic, choosing the best survivors to help explore the city, find new members and collect food, equipment, and other supplies.
  • Dice-roll discovered supplies are crucial to the community’s development; for example, will the players find the crucial books to teach their survivors new, desperately-needed skills?
  • Resources must be managed to successfully develop a growing community of survivors.
  • Always something new! Every game is randomly generated and has multiple endings. The map’s locations are randomised for each game as are the available cards, survivors, and their dice. With conditions and situations constantly changing, every game of Nyheim is unique.
  • Post-apocalyptic Nyheim is dangerous; perma-death means every life is precious. If the player’s whole party dies then it’s “game over”!
  • Developed for mobile, consoles, PC and VR.

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