NEXON Korea Launches Summer Season Events in Mabinogi Duel

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NEXON Korea Launches Summer Season Events in Mabinogi Duel

The strategic mobile trading card game (TCG) Mabinogi Duel, based on Nexon Korea’s acclaimed MMO, will feature a special summer event starting today. The developers at devCAT Studio are hosting an in-game event to help players celebrate the summer season and rise to be a champion through battles with duelists from all over the world!

The summer celebration includes:

Introduction of the ‘Limited Arena’
o   Starting on Saturday, July 23 through Monday, July 25 at 5 a.m. CEST and every week this summer, players (or duelists) can compete in an environment with a fixed set of rules that change every week
o   Duelists who compete each week will receive Gems and Discount Coupons to acquire classic/new Generation of cards

Rewards for Returning Players
o   Duelists who have not played since June 8 will receive a special gift of Gems, Coupons and pre-release boosters
o   Returning duelists who are at level 11 or higher will also receive various items and rewards until August 3

Mabinogi Duel is currently available to download on iTunes and Google Play for free.

If you haven’t checked out Mabinogi Duel, please feel free to install the game and we can update your account with a nice supply of in-game currency. In addition, members of Nexon are available for an interview about the title. We’d love for you to share the news and new assets for Mabinogi Duel.

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