Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle #35 Now Available

TGIF, kick off the weekend with a new indie bundle!

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It’s finally the end of a long work week, so celebrate with a brand new Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle. This month brings 10 great indie games for only $3.49.

For a minimum purchase of $1.00, buyers will receive:

Milford Heaven – Luken’s Chronicles – Milford Heaven is under attack from monsters, explore the castle and try to put a stop to them in this top down hack’n slash.

Soul of the Devil – A non-linear RPG starring an average guy forced to make a decision: protect humanity or make a deal with the devil himself?


Watson’s Watch – Watson’s vacation comes to an early end as people begin going missing.

For a minimum purchase price of $3.49 during the first 24 hours of the sale, buyers will also receive:

Stardust Vanguards – A local four player dueling game with a random event system that makes each match unique.


There Came an Echo – A squad based RTS designed to be played with voice commands.

Battle Forever – A retro style beat ’em up featuring four characters, 13 levels, and a survival mode.

The Bug Butcher – A fast based shoot ’em up inspired by the classic shooter¬†Super Pang.


Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp – Based on a board game by John Gibson, players will need to rely on their wits to manage a team of researcher to stop a deadly virus from wiping out humanity.

AdvertCity – Take control of your very own advertising firm in this procedurally generated tycoon game.

Music Wars Empire РA music label tycoon sim that will have players grappling with difficult business choices and artists with tough demands.

For the first 24 hours of the sale, the bundle is only $3.49, so grab your copy at Indie Gala before the price goes up.

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