Gravity Rush 2 Release Date and New Details Revealed

Gravity Rush 2 to arrive in North America on December 2nd and Europe on November 30th.

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Sony has announced that they are planning on having Gravity Rush 2 released for the PlayStation 4 in North America on December 2nd and in Europe on November 30th. Those who pre-order the game from certain retailers will be given an alternate costume for Kat to wear as well as a “Select Soundtrack” that features nine tracks from the game while those who pre-order from the PlayStation Network will be given ten avatars to work with.

To go along with this information a new trailer was released for Gravity Rush 2 that features a brand new character that appears to be something of a mysterious guardian angel that shows up to help Kat when she is in trouble. Described as a superheroine with an aggressive fighting style, Angel will pack an overwhelming punch and can instantly recover health with a crystallization ability.

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