Beserk Game Adds Schierke and Sepico as Playable Characters

New details and screenshots released for both characters.

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Koei Tecmo has revealed some new details for their upcoming Omega Force developed Berserk title. This information comes in the form of two new characters being officially confirmed for Berserk‘s playable roster, though one was already hinted at in previous images. The company has revealed that both Schierke and Serpico will be playable in some form when the game is released on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita later this year.

Schierke is a young girl and a disciple of the Mansion of the Spirit Tree witch Flora. She uses her magic to support her allies and while she initially distrusts humans, she matures as she continues on her journey with Guts and the rest of the company. As for Serpico, he is a thin man with an easygoing personality that has a hint of weakness to it but is extremely skilled when it comes to combat. He is a follower of Farnese de Vandimion and vows his loyalty to her so when she leaves the Holy Iron Chain Knights to follow Guts, he follows her without a second thought.

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