YouTube-busting Human Fall Flat lands on July 22nd

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YouTube-busting Human Fall Flat lands on July 22nd

No Brakes Games’ physics-based puzzler hits PCs on July 22nd, thanks to Curve Digital

June 22nd, 2016 – London, United Kingdom

Human Fall Flat, the debut PC and console game from No Brakes Games, will be available on PC on July 22nd, publisher Curve Digital has today revealed.

The game has been ballooning in popularity over the last couple of months since the prototype was uploaded to with little fanfare, amassing over 25 million views across various channels. Its mix of surreal visuals, open-ended puzzling and laugh-out-loud gameplay has seen it become a firm favourite among streamers – with the random exploits of players proving essential viewing for viewers on the world’s most popular video sharing site.

Assuming the role of Bob – infinitely customisable, yet with limited physical ability – players must navigate a series of bizarre dreamscapes, seeking the elusive exit which will take them one step closer to their goal.

By operating Bob’s limbs independently, players must traverse wrecked trainyards, clamber over cavernous wastelands, and lay siege to fairytale castles – all in the pursuit of… whatever it is Bob is seeking.

It’s a true joy to play. Imagine Uncharted, but without all the murder and if Nathan Drake was drunk.

The full release on Steam will enhance the prototype in many ways. In addition to significantly more content, Human Fall Flat will boast a brilliant two-player mode, which has had those who’ve had the opportunity to test it in stitches.

“July 22nd can’t come soon enough,” says Tomas Sakalauskas, No Brakes Games. “Human Fall Flat has been a genuine labour of love, a seed of an idea that has blossomed into something which is really resonating with all who play it. Its full release is just the beginning of the journey for Bob and I – I’m excited to see what players make of the full version.”

“Human Fall Flat is a rare gem indeed,” adds Jason Perkins, managing director, Curve Digital. “Everyone in the studio is stupidly excited about seeing the full release – and we know people are going to love what Tomas has put together.”

Human Fall Flat will release on PC on July 22nd. Console versions will be available later in the year.

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