Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 New Footage and KHIII News

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Kingdom Hearts III won’t be making an appearance at all until closer to Christmas, but we have some new information from E3 detailing some aspects of the game as well as some new gameplay footage from Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue info.

Kingdom Hearts III news first up. Co-Director Tai Yasue has confirmed there will be NO Final Fantasy based worlds in KH III. I’m sure characters from the series will still appear but there will no world based on the franchise. KH III will also have a short prelude to bring everyone up to speed on the long running franchise. Director Nomura goes on to say that the release date should be the same worldwide, if not very close.


Now for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD. An official demo of the game is playable at E3 and Square Enix have released some high quality gameplay footage from the demo for those that can’t play it for themselves. You can view that footage embedded below. There is confirmation that Dream Drop Distance HD will have some new content, with a new Dream Eater being discovered in the demo. Dream Drop Distance will also run at a smooth 60 FPS.

Lead Director Tetsuya Nomura also discussed the length of the Aqua 0.2 fragmentary passage chapter from 2.8 HD, saying the mission will be about the length of one world in Kingdom Hearts III. Based on him needing to say that, it seems to imply that the worlds will take longer to complete in the final entry of the series than in past games.


Not much about Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Back Cover was discussed, but it was confirmed to be running on the same engine as Kingdom Hearts III. We were also told the identity of the man in the black coat who appeared in the latest trailer which was released last week. The man under the cloak is the leader of the Foretellers. He is described as ‘the glue’ between the Foretellers and has fun nicknames for each one. As expected, the games story will cover the deepest back story of the series before the Keyblade war took place.

This newest entry in the Kingdom Hearts series will be launching exclusively on PlayStation 4 in December of 2016, while Kingdom Hearts III still has no confirmed release window.

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