Hanabee Entertainment Announces the Releases of ‘Sakura Trick’ and ‘Photo Kano’

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Hanabee Entertainment announced one release for August 2016 and two releases for September 2016 on Friday. These are the details of all three of those releases.

The box set of Captain Earth is the first release announced. It will feature all 25 episodes with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

The DVD and Blu-ray release of Sakura Trick is the second announcement made. The release will feature all 12 episodes with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

The final announcement is the release of Photo Kano on DVD and Blu-ray. All 13 episodes will be featured with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

On-disc extras for all releases include the respective textless opening and ending animations. Photo Kano will be released on August 11, 2016. The Captain Earth box set and Sakura Trick will be released on September 8, 2016.

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