First Pokemon Sun & Moon Live Footage, New Pokemon and Details

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E3 2016 brought us the first live gameplay footage of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon alongside some new details, new Pokemon and even a brand new battle mode. A new trailer was released which you can check out embedded below.

First the meaning of the games names were revealed. The sun is the source of all life and we are also greatly affected by the moon. The producer wanted to convey the feeling of the game brimming with life and thus we have our names. The players from Nintendo tried to get more information on the special looking bracelets the trainers are wearing in the main artwork, but the producer and lead designer had to dodge the question and say they are saving that for a later time. Interestingly, Pokemon fusion has been rumored but that could easily be speculation.


As always, the player will start in their room. As always their mum is down stairs and it seems you have a Meowth as a pet. The camera is positioned much lower to the player than in past games to increase the sense of immersion.  The movement is not tied to a grid at all, with full 3D movement possible. The walking animation looks a bit funny though. A shadow will form around the screen whenever you are in danger of being sighted by a fellow trainer that will challenge you to a battle. The bottom screen was black during the play through but when you get the Rotom Pokedex it will occupy the bottom screen. The player encounters a Ledyba in the first patch of grass.


A number of improvements have been made to the games battle user interface to help keep better track of battle progression and information. The move lists can now show if a move will be effective, super effective, or not effective on the opponent Pokémon and you can see how your stats have been lowered or raised thanks to various moves in battle, with an arrow representing each of the 6 stages.


The battle camera looks a lot more natural and dynamic, with Pokemon being placed in the battle environment much better than in past games. The trainers are present in battles now which gives a nice scale of how big the Pokemon are. Catching Pokemon looks great as well. You now get a message whenever you register a new Pokemon in the Pokedex.


A new Pokemon called Yungoos was shown in the footage. The developers say it’s always hungry and thus always angry. It is Normal-type and has the new ability Stake Out or Strong Jaw. Stake Out can deal twice the normal damage to any Pokémon that switches in or enters the field mid-battle, a very strong ability potentially.

Two other new Pokemon were also shown in the play through. The standard Normal/Flying type Pikipek is found early on and will most likely evolve twice. It’s based on a woodpecker and has the abilities Keen Eye or Skill Link. The other is Grubbin, a small bug type Pokemon with the Swarm ability.


The new Battle Royal mode was shown off, introducing a new way to battle with four players and three Pokémon, each sending out one at a time. It’s a Free-For-All battle but when one trainer loses all their Pokémon, the game ends and players are tallied up by defeated Pokémon and remaining Pokémon and that determines the winner.


There were also a couple of reveals at some other recent events. First off, the Pokemon Zygarde will have it’s previously confirmed forms in Sun and Moon.  10% form (the hound dog looking version of Zygarde and Complete Form (the behemoth looking version) will both be playable in Sun and Moon. Zygarde 10% form will transform into Complete Form when it is low on health. The version of Zygarde we previously knew from X & Y is it’s 50% form.

Australians rejoice there is now a Koala Pokemon! Nekkoala is described as the Half Awake Pokemon and has the ability Definite Sleep, which prevents all statuses except Sleep, strangely. A pretty useful ability. Nekkoala is a Normal type.


A new dog Pokemon named Iwanko was also revealed in CoroCoro scans. This is the Puppy Pokemon and is surprisingly a Rock type with the abilities Keen Eye or Vital Spirit, which prevent losing accuracy or falling asleep respectively.

The first official Generation 7 Pokemon Magearna got some new details. The Pokemon is to be released as a QR code in Japan and will have a new unique attack as well as a unique ability. Soul-Heart will rase Magearna’s Special Attack one stage each time a Pokemon in the battle faints. It has the unique attack Fluer Cannon but more information on the move is unknown.


And that’s all your latest Pokemon Sun & Moon news. We’ve got all the big announcements from E3 including the latest from Nintendo on the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild so be sure to check that out. Pokemon Sun & Moon release on November 18th.

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